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Chadian Gambling Information

There is no legal gambling in Chad. This can probably be attributed to the fact that more than half the residents of the country adhere to the Islamic faith. Islam preaches against the evils of gambling.

Much of Chad exists in a harsh desert environment, and its isolation in the heart of Africa makes Chad an unlikely destination for foreign gamblers.

Facts About Chad

Located in central Africa, Chad is a landlocked country bordered by Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and the Central African Republic. The capital city is N’Djamena. Located far from the sea, Chad is sometimes called the “Dead Heart of Africa.” The population is estimated to be over 10 million.

The country is divided into 18 regions. They are:

- Batha
- Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti
- Chari-Baguirmi
- Guera
- Hadjer-Lamis
- Kanem
- Lac
- Logone Occidental
- Logone Oriental
- Mandoul
- Mayo-Kebbi Est
- Mayo-Kebbi Ouest
- Moyen-Chari
- Ouaddai
- Salamat
- Tandjile
- Wadi Fira
- N’Djamena

In 1965, civil war erupted in Chad. The president of the country was overthrown and killed in 1975, and the fighting continued. In 1979, the capital was conquered, and all authority in the country collapsed. Libya then moved in and became involved in the country’s civil war, but they were forced out in 1987 by forces united by the French-supported president, Hissene Habre.

Under Habre’s rule, an estimated 40,000 people were murdered. He was overthrown by his general, Idriss Deby, in 1990.

A new constitution was approved in 1996, and presidential elections were held. Five years later, Deby was elected to a second term.

In 2003, another civil war erupted. President Deby modified the constitution to abolish the two-term limit. In 2006, Deby was elected to a third term as president. Rebel forces have tried to take the capital in 2006 and 2008, but have been unsuccessful.

In recent years, crude oil has become the major export from Chad. Cotton is also an important export for the country. 80% of the population relies on subsistence farming, with sorghum and millet being the most common crops. In other parts of the country, goats, sheep, donkeys and horses are raised for commercial purposes.

Thirty-nine-percent of the women in Chad are part of a polygamous relationship. Polygamy is permitted by law throughout Chad, unless the spouse specifies that it is unacceptable before marriage.

The tradition of female genital mutilation is still practiced in Chad. It is estimated that 45% of Chadian women are subject to this procedure.

Over 100 languages and dialects can be found in Chad. The official languages are Arabic and French.

The largest religion is Islam, with over 54% of the country subscribing to its teachings. Lesser numbers of residents belong to either the Roman Catholic, Protestant or animist faiths.

The most popular sport in Chad is football (soccer). Basketball and freestyle wrestling are also popular. The wrestling is practiced in a very traditional form, with the competitors wearing animal hides and covering themselves in dust.

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