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Cameroon Gambling

Cameroonian Gambling Laws

Casino gambling, slots gaming and horse racing bets are legal in Cameroon. A 1992 law gave great leeway to gambling operators in Cameroon, though the 2005 Finance Law imposed stricter guidelines and steeper taxes on Cameroons gaming interests.

Cameroon 2005 Finance Law

Citing concerns that gambling operations took too many profits from their casinos and racetracks, the Cameroonian government imposed a series of special taxes targeting games of chance. A "value added tax" was imposed on entertainment and gambling venues, to collect more revenues from businesses which operate on disposable income. Specifically, pari-mutuel tracks and casinos would bear much of this tax burden.

Also, Cameroon would collect a screen license tax, essentially placing a tax on all slot machines and video poker machines in the country. It was hoped this would eliminate most smaller establishments with a handful of slots on site. Finally, winning gamblers would be taxed on their personal revenue.

The Cameroonian government assured operators their taxes were not punitive and crippling, though the Cameroons gambling industry lobbied against such taxes.

Casinos in Cameroon

Le Meridien Doula Hotel and Casino (Douala) - Le Meridien Doula Casino has 12 gaming machines and 6 table games, including 3 Blackjack tables, 2 Roulette tables and a Poker table. Le Meridien Casino also contains a restaurant, bar, separate snack bar, sauna, swimming pool, business center, piano entertainment center and 144 room hotel. Call Le Meridian at +237 343 5000 or visit their website at

Treasure Hunter (Douala) - Treasure Hunter casino offers 74 slot machines and a bar. The casino is open 17 hours a day, from 11am until 4am. The phone number at Treasure Hunter Douala is +237 334 24231, or visit the Treasure Hunter casino site at

Hilton Hotel Yaounde and Casino (Yaounde) - The Hilton Casino in Yaounde features 30 slots and 8 gaming tables, which offer games of blackjack and roulette. The Hilton Hotel area includes a 2 restaurants, a buffet, a snack bar and a standard bar. The resort includes a gym, nightblub, swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, tennis court, gift shop area and 255 hotel rooms. Call +237 223 3646 to contact the Hilton Youande Casino or click on their web address at

Horse Racing in Cameroon

Cameroonian gamblers are known to bet on horse racing taking place in other countries, mainly in the homelands of the former late colonial administrators of Cameroun: England and France. There are pari-mutuel racetracks are found in Cameroon at present, because the Cameroonian government placed a tax on these race courses in 2005.

Lottery in Cameroon

Cameroon has a national lottery. SJC is the lottery administrator in the Cameroonian state. The French-owned gambling machine firm Editec supplies lotto machines to Cameroon through their WinTV wing.

Cameroon Information

Germany was the first European power to seek to colonize Cameroun, making a claim on the country in 1884. Germany was ousted from Cameroon after World War I. England and France divided the country between them, in French Cameroun and British Cameroons. Cameroon gained its independence in 1961 and has since struggled to reach a level of economic and political stability. Cameroon had one of the strongest African economies in the early 1980's, but the collapse of several key commodity markets plunged Cameroon into severe economic hardships.

Whether the increase in oil prices will help Cameroon, which has oil reserves, is yet undetermined. Many Cameroonians complain of government corruption, while differences between the French-influence majority and the English-influenced minority population continues to cause tensions.

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