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Burundi Gambling

Burundian Gambling Laws

By Reno Rollins

There is no casino gambling in Burundi, mostly stemming from the fact that it is the poorest country in the world. There is also a high degree of instability in the region, and tourists are advised to stay away.

Burundi Information

Located in Africa, Burundi is bordered by Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has the lowest GDP per capita in the world, the majority of children under five suffer from chronic malnutrition, and residents have the lowest satisfaction with life out of 178 nations polled.

Burundi is divided into 17 provinces. They are:

- Bubanza
- Bujumbura Mairie
- Bujumbura Rural
- Bururi
- Cankuzo
- Cibitoke
- Gitega
- Karuzi
- Kayanza
- Kirundo
- Makamba
- Muramvya
- Muyinga
- Mwaro
- Ngozi
- Rutana
- Ruyigi

The country’s largest industry is agriculture, with cotton, tea, maize, sorghum, sweet potatoes and bananas being chief crops. Burundi is one of the ten largest producers of bananas in the world.

AIDS has ravaged the nation. In 2001, the estimated death toll from the virus was 25,000. By 2003, it had risen to 45,000.

The population is in the range of 8,090,068 people, with half of those being less than 14 years old. 85% of the population are of Hutu ethnic origin, while the rest are mainly comprised of Tutsi. The official currency is the Burundian franc, and the official languages are Kirundi and French. The largest religion is Roman Catholic, with Protestants and Muslims also being present.

Ever since Burundi gained independence, it has struggled with civil unrest and genocidal attacks. While the Hutus make up the majority, they have historically been subservient to the minority Tutsis. This has led to both sides trying to exterminate the other over the decades, especially in the case of Hutu genocide against the Tutsis. Numerous peace talks have failed, and the fighting (and killing) rages on.

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