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Burkina Faso Gambling

Burkinabe Gambling Laws

By Reno Rollins

There is no casino gambling in Burkina Faso, and there is no evidence of sports betting or state-run lotteries, either. It is unknown whether this is due to half of the population being Muslim or the generally poor economic condition of the nation.

Burkina Information

Burkina Faso, also known as Burkina, is located in West Africa. It is bordered by Mali, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. It was once known as the Republic of Upper Volta, but this name was changed in 1984 by President Thomas Sankara.

Burkina Faso gained its independence from France in 1960, but decades of political instability followed. Multiparty elections began to take place in the 1990s. The current leader of the country is President Blaise Compaore, who came to power after a coup resulted in the death of Thomas Sankara in 1987.

The nation is divided into 13 regions. They are:

- Boucle du Mouhoun
- Cascades
- Centre
- Centre-Est
- Centre-Nord
- Centre-Ouest
- Centre-Sud
- Est
- Hauts-Bassins
- Nord
- Plateau-Central
- Sahel
- Sud-Ouest

Burkina Faso ranks as the 27th poorest nation in the world, with a per capita income of $1,200. Much of the nation’s economy is supported by international aid.

The majority of the population engages in agriculture, and this is comprised of livestock, peanuts, rice, cotton, corn and sorghum. Gold, iron, copper and manganese are also mined within the country’s borders.

There is massive unemployment, and millions of citizens have migrated to other countries in order to find work. Each year, tens of billions of Euros are sent back to Burkina Faso by migrant workers. This has caused problems in neighboring countries, and 300,000 migrant workers were sent home by Cote d’Ivoire in 2003.

The CFA franc is the official currency of the nation, and More and Dioula are the major languages.

Half of the country’s residents are Muslin, while Christians account for another 30 percent. The remaining 20 percent is comprised of traditional African religions.

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