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British Virgin Islands Gambling

British Virgin Islanders Gambling Information

There is no gambling in the British Virgin Islands. While numerous online gambling companies were once located there, most have closed down or moved due to the U.S. laws against Internet gambling.

Facts About the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean and situated east of Puerto Rico. Considered part of the Virgin Islands archipelago, the remaining islands are part of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The British Virgin Islands are made up of 50 smaller islands, plus the main islands of Tortola, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda. Other islands include:

- Beef Island
- Cooper Island
- Ginger Island
- Great Camanoe
- Great Thatch
- Guana Island
- Mosquito Island
- Necker Island
- Norman Island
- Peter Island
- Salt Island

Only 15 of the British Virgin Islands are inhabited. Tortola is the largest island, measuring 12 miles long and 3 miles wide. 18,000 people live on Tortola, with a total of 22,000 living in the British Virgin Islands. The capital, Road Town, is located on the island of Tortola.

The driving forces behind the economy are financial services and tourism. Fifty-percent of the government’s revenue comes from licensing offshore companies, while tourism employs a greater number of citizens and accounts for forty-five percent of the nation’s income. Around 350,000 tourists visit each year.

Popular tourist attractions include beaches, the coral reefs near Anegada, yacht charters and the bars and nightlife of Jost Van Dyke. Cruise ship passengers also visit the island.

In 2004, over 550,000 offshore companies were registered with the British Virgin Islands. This made the islands home to 41% of the world’s offshore companies.

The dominant religion on the islands is that of Protestant Christian, but Methodist, Anglican and Catholic are also present.

The official currency of the islands is the US dollar. This is the same currency which is used by the United States Virgin Islands.

The primary threat to the stability of the British Virgin Islands is drug trafficking. The islands are a favorite target of drug smugglers, as it serves as a gateway to the United States.

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