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Bosnia & Herzegovina Gambling

Bosnian and Herzegovinian Gambling

By Reno Rollins

Gambling is legal in Bosnia & Herzegovina. This extends to casino gambling and the national lottery.

Casino Gambling in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are two casinos in operation within Bosnia & Herzegovina. They are:

- Casino Admiral Club (Kulovica 9, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina) Besides offering casino gaming, this facility also has a hotel.

- Coloseum Club Casino (Terezije bb, KSC Skenderija, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina) Slot machines are open 24 hours a day, while table games are available from 2pm until 4am on Sunday thru Thursday and 2pm until 5pm on Friday and Saturday. There are 136 gaming machines and 14 table and poker games (including Punto Banco, Poker, Blackjack and American Roulette). One restaurant is also located on the premises. You must be 18 to enter the casino. For more information, call +387 33 250 860, or visit their website at

Lottery in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are two lottery services available in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The first, Lutrija BiH State Lottery, is located in Sarajevo. It is the primary lottery provider for the country. For more information, call +387 33 471 504.

The second is Glory Leisure Banja Luka. It is based in Banja Luka / Republic Srpska. For more information, call +387 51 11 33.

Facts About Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina is located on the Balkan peninsula in Southern Europe and is bordered by Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. The population is estimated to be around four million.

Once a part of the Republic of Yugoslavia, the country gained its independence in 1992. It is being considered for membership to both the European Union and NATO. The capital and largest city is Sarajevo, which hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics. Other major cities include: Banja Luka, Tuzla, Mostar and Bijeljina.

Three different ethnic groups make their home in the country: Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks. From March 1992 until November of 1995, these sides engaged in the Bosnian War, and international conflict which involved Bosnia, The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Croatia. The country was devastated by the fighting, and numerous charges of genocide would later emerge. In recent years, Bosnia & Herzegovina have started to recover from the period.

Tourism has increased in recent years, and it is estimated that the tourism growth rate will be the third highest in the world from 1995 until 2020. The country has also become noted for its skiing and ecotourism.

Bosniaks make up 48% of the country’s population, while Serbs comprise 37.1% and Croats 14.3%. Muslims make up 40% of the population, while another 31% are Orthodox Christians, and 15% are Roman Catholic. It is estimated that 95% of Bosniaks are Muslims, 95% of Croats are Catholics, and 95% of Serbs are Orthodox Christians.

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