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Benin Gambling

Beninese Gambling Laws

Gambling is legal in Benin. Beninese citizens have one casino where they can gamble, though there is a national lottery by the name of loterie nationale du Benin.

Benin is a small West African nation which was named Dahomey until 1975. People from Benin, a former French colony, call themselves either Beninese or Beninois.

Casinos in Benin

Benin Marina Hotel (Cotonou) - Benin Marina Hotel offers 10 gaming machines, all of them slot machines, and 3 table games, including 1 table of American Roulette and 2 poker tables. It's uncertain whether these are Texas Hold 'Em poker or Stud poker games. The Benin Marina Casino floor is open only 6 hours a night, from 10pm until 4am.

The Benin Marina Hotel also has 2 restaurants and 2 bars, as well as a hotel with 200 rooms. The Marina resort includs a beach, convention center, business center, hair salon, lounge, swimming pool, sauna, gift shops and tennis court. For those brining children, the Benin Marina Hotel even offers a babysitting service.

The hotel associated with Benin Marina Casino is the Benin Sheraton Hotel. This hotel offers 27 hotel rooms, 65 double rooms, 87 two bedroom rooms, 9 suites and 12 grand suites. Contact the Benin Marina Hotel at +229 213 00100 or visit their website address at

Lottery in Benin

The National Lottery of Benin is the Loterie Nationale du Benin. According to their website, the Benin National Lottery finances social, cultural and sports organizations in Benin. The lottery was established in 1967.

Translated from the French, the slogan of the Loterie Nationale du Benin is "the prizes to the winners. The benefits to the entire nation."

The games offered by the National Lottery include sports betting in the form of the loto sportif and pari-mutuel wagers in the form of the logo du pari mutuel urbain. Other games include the loto star and the logo de la poule, which naturally has a chicken as its logo.

Benin Lottery Scam

One thing to beware of when you encounter Benin online is the Soho Lottery Benin lotto scam. This often promises to pay a person $500,000 or more for having won the Benin National Lottery, but ends up being a scam to get a person's credit card information. If you are told you won a lottery you never signed up for, assume it's a scam.

Also note that this scam sometimes claims to be involved with the International Monetary Fund. To my knowledge, the International Monetary Fund has no connections to any national lottery anywhere, and I'm certain it has no connection to the Benin National Lotto.

Benin Information

Benin was originally the Kingdom of Dahomey, known as the Black Sparta. Dahomey's people were thought to be those who fled the slave trade in other parts of West Africa, who built a warrior kingdom in order to stave off slave raids.

Unfortunately, Dahomey became known as the Slave Coast for nearly 300 years, because the Dahomey were such fierce warriors that they would sell their war captives into slavery to Europeans. Also, the Dahomey were thought to engage in human decapitation, because they believed this form of sacrifice would increase the power of their kings.

Dahomey began to lose power and influence in their region in the middle 19th century, as the colonial powers began as rush for colonies in West Africa. The Dahomey were brought into the French Empire in 1898 and 1899. Colonial rule would last in Dahomey until 1958.

After independence, Dahomey was divided among three rival warlords, who eventually came together in a ruling Presidential Council in 1970. This council was overthrown by Mathieu Kerekou in 1972, who quickly instituted Marxist rule.

Kerekou was a remarkable individual for several reasons, not the least of which his renunciation of Marxist principles in the early eighties, when the economy turned bad. Kérékou would limp along as president until 1991, when he lost an election to Nicephore Soglo. Kerekou's defeat led to a first in African politics, as Kerekou actually stepped down as president after an electoral loss.

Kerekou would defeat Soglo in the 1996 election, and again win reelection in 2001. Despite concerns that the validity of this election was questioned by some observers, Kerekou would once again set himself apart when he refused to change the Benin Constitution to suit his needs. In 2006, he was too old to run for another term, and the constituion said that no president could seek a third consecutive term.

Once again, Kerekou walked away. Soglo chose not to run, as well, because Sogo was considered too old to run again, also. With the assumption of power by Yayi Boni, Benin is now considered a model democracy, which is a rarity in Africa.

Hopefully, this trend will continue and foreign investments will follow the stability brought by the rule of law instead of the rule of men. If this turns out to be the case, Benin might eventually be home to more than one lone casino.

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