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Armenia Gambling

Armenian Gaming Laws

Armenia allows brick-and-mortar casino gambling, though there doesn't appear to be lottery gaming in Armenia. There is no evidence of online gambling sites in Armenia.

Casinos in Armenia

Joy Casino (Argavand) - Joy Casino consists of 15 gaming machines inside of a bar on Yerevan-Echmiadzin Highway in Argavand, Armenia. Dial +374 10 770514 to call Joy Casino Argavand for more information.

Pharaon Casino (Argavand) - Pharaon Casino is a 24-hour casino in Argavand, Armenia. The two casino gaming tables are active only 13 hours a day, from 6pm until 7am. There are also 30 slot machines on the casino floor. For general information about Pharaon Casino, call +374 10 770025.

Blue Diamond Casino (Parakar-Thairov) - Blue Diamond Casino has 45 gaming machines, including 24 poker slots machines. The Blue Diamond Casino also includes a bar on the property. There are two phone numbers for Blue Diamond Casino, including +374 10 770535 and +374 93 432780. The Blue Diamond Casino website can be found at the web address

Shangri-La Yerevan (Yerevan) - Shangri-La Casino in Yerevan is the largest casino in Armenia. Shangri-La hlds 200 slot machines and video poker machines, including 16 table games. Both the slots and casino tables are active 24 hours a day. Shangri-La Yerevan Casino also includes one restaurant and one bar. The contact information for Shangrila Casino is +374 10 285899 and +374 10 286899.

Other casinos I have seen listed existing in Armenia are the Kakuda Casino, National Casino and Yerevan Casino, as well as the Cleopatra Casino in Kotayk Marz. I'm not certain whether these casinos exist or whether they once existed and have closed down, though I found two different sources where the three listed below were mentioned. I'm not certain which games are featured at these casinos. If I can find more information on these casinos in Armenia, I'll add that information to this page.

Kakadu Casino (Argavand) - The given phone number for Kakadu Casino on Yerevan-Echmiadzin Highway in Argavand is +374 770514 or +374 770514.

National Casino (Paraqar) - The telephone information for National Casino is +374 776620. I've seen a photo of the front of this casino, so I'm pretty sure it exists. The casino is fairly small and looks as much like a church as a casino.

Yerevan Casino (Argavand) - The phone number for Yerevan Casino is purported to be +374 774522. I originally thought this casino might be associated with the Shangri-La Casino in Yereven, but the phone numbers are different.

Armenian Information

Armenians are a traditionally Christian people in a predominantly Muslim region. The Armenians lived under Turkish rule for centuries and were often persecuted for their supposed Armenian nationalism. This became a sensation in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

During World War I, the Ottoman Turks believed the Armenians were conspiring with the Russians to undermine the empire's authority. According to most Western sources, hundreds of thousands if not a million Armenians were put to death in what was later called the Armenian Genocide.

The French, English, Russian and American governments at the time protested at the time, and governments continue to this day call for the modern Turkish government to acknowledge this episode. As recently as 2006 and 2007, the French legislature and the U.S. Congress passed respective condemnations of these events a century ago.

Successive Turkish governments and most Turks today deny this ethnic cleansing occured, claiming that the killing which took place were attempts to put down illegal revolts by the Armenians. Because many Armenians continue to live inside eastern Turkey, a certain amount of tensions persist between the modern Turkish and Armenian states.

Armenia has cordial relations with most nations worldwide, including the United States and Russia, which maintains a military base on Armenian soil. Armenia continues to have tense relations with two Muslim neighbors, Turkey and Azerbijan.

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