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Angola Gambling

Angolan Gambling Information

No gambling establishments exist in Angola, so it appears that gambling is illegal in Angola. While people no doubt gamble in private, there are no major casinos, card rooms or pari-mutual betting.

Angolan Card Games

Among industrial workers in the country, the Portuguese game Sueca is popular. King and Poker are both popular among middle class residents.

The most popular card games used for gambling are Lerpa, Vinte e Um and Sete e Meio. Burro and Bisca are also enjoyed by citizens throughout the country.

Angola Info

The Republic of Angola is located in south-central Africa and borders Namibia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. A former Portuguese colony, Angola is the 23rd largest country in the world (nearly twice the size of Texas). Petroleum and diamonds are Angola’s two major natural resources.

The Angolan nation is divided into 18 provinces. They are:

- Bengo
- Benguela
- Bie
- Cabinda
- Cuando Cubango
- Cuanza Norte
- Cuanza Sul
- Cunene
- Huambo
- Huila
- Luanda
- Lunda Norte
- Lunda Sul
- Malanje
- Moxico
- Namibe
- Uige
- Zaire

A civil war raged in Angola for 27 years, after independence from Portugal in 1975 until a negotiated settlement in 2002. Over 500,000 people died, and the nation’s economy was greatly weakened. Fidel Castro famously (or infamously) sent Cuban troops to aid the leftist forces in the south, while the United States and U.S.S.R. sent funds to help sides in the conflict. 

For years, the Soviet Union and United States decided that Angola was a sideshow in the Cold War, and both largely withdrew involvement in the Angolan Civil War. By 1986, Angola once again took center stage in the Cold War, as the Soviets and the Reagan Administration began to send vast funds to the MPLA and UNITA factions, respectively.

The majority of the damage took place in the 1990s, as three major factions struggled to rule the country. The settlement came only after the death of Jonas Savimba, the longtime leader of the UNITA political party. The settlement left the leftist MPLA in control of the government, though Unita remains the second most powerful political establishment. Strangely, the MPLA-controlled Cabinda region claims autonomy from Angola proper.

The current Angolan military is comprised of an army, navy and air force. It is estimated that Angola’s military has about 110,000 soldiers, with the army easily being the largest (about 100,000).

Numerous ethnic groups can be found throughout the country, with the Oyimbundu being the largest (around 37%). The Kimbundu and Bakongo also have sizeable numbers, while Europeans make up about one-percent of the population.

Portugal ruled over Angola for 400 years, and Portuguese is still the official language of the country. The primary religion is Roman Catholicism, with around 2% of the population following Islam.

Football (soccer) is popular throughout the nation, and the Angolan national team is nicknamed the Palancas Negros (Black Antelopes). The team appeared in two African Nations Cup tournaments in the 1990s and qualified for the World Cup in 2006.

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