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Using CPR on the Craps Table - Collect, Press, Regress

You may recall in our last craps tip, we laid out the basics of free odds, including why and how to take advantage of this unmarked bet on the craps table. Helping to deliver one of the lowest Casinos Edge of any game, the free odds bet, also called backing the odds, is a vital bet to make when using mathematically correct craps strategy.

Once bettors get over the initial intimidation of the craps table and learn how to make the best bets, they often continue to play with no mind of bankroll management or betting strategy. In other words, just learning to navigate the craps table can oftentimes seem like such a difficult task that when one eventually feels comfortable to stand on their own two feet, they simply look no further for a chance to better their game.

Granted, just learning how to make the pass line bet and backing the odds is paramount to succeeding at craps. However, bankroll fluctuations can be a little more extreme, especially when backing odds or coming across a hot or cold shooter. A well padded bankroll is essential to getting through the highs and lows at craps. However, if your bankroll is on the skinny side, you may want to consider a commonly used betting strategy called Collect, Press and Regress, or CPR for short.

It begins by making a $6 place bet on the number six or eight. Remember, a place bet can only be made on the box numbers after the point has been established. Since this bet pays 7 to 6 odds, betting in $6 increments will maximize your return. Now, when the 6 or 8 is rolled, resulting in a winning bet, collect the $1 profit from the bet and keep the original $6 bet on the table. If the bet hits a second time, this time press the entire $7 (still leaving yourself with $1 profit from the first bet). If the pressed bet wins (returning $8 total), then regress back to the original $6 bet and pocket the $2 profit, giving yourself a total of $3 profit. If the regressed $6 bet loses, then you are only left with a $3 loss, while if it wins, you are up $4.

Remember, not every player is an advocate of CPR. However, it is definitely worth trying out in the practice mode of an online casino software platform. Try experimenting with bets on either the 6 or 8, or even both at the same time. If you must, you can also lower your stake amount.

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