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Online Casino News - September, 2008

Doyle Brunson and Michael Phelps Chat About Online Poker



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by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

September 10, 2008

It's a long journey from being an Olympic Star to being a poker celebrity. But then again, considering how far Michael Phelps has come in just twenty-three years, maybe this journey is not that far after all. And so lies the current rumors, following a late night meeting between Phelps and poker icon, Doyle Brunson, at Phelps' Palms Hotel Casino suite in Las Vegas this last weekend.

As reported on Brunson's online poker room blog, Doyle, his son Todd and Phelps 'n company (his buddies) recently sat down to talk about poker and who knows what else. Apparently, Phelps is a huge fan of poker and wanted some advice from Doyle, who got a call that the overnight Olympic sensation wanted to meet Brunson, his son and fellow Texan, Hoyt Corkins (whose home, you may recall, was recently burgled while Hoyt was on tour).

In actuality, it was Brunson who initiated the meeting, having extended an invitation to Phelps (along with Betfair and Poker Stars) to become a spokesperson for Doyle's Room and member of the poker room celebrity team, which would certainly entail Phelps' presence at high profile poker tournaments. At just twenty-three years old, it's very likely that Phelps may still have some wild oats to sow (Phelps was also caught on camera groping a scantily clad "play girl" at the Palms Casino Playboy Club).

Based on what Brunson reported in his blog, Phelps is obsessed with poker. So much so, in fact, he told Brunson that all he wanted to do in life was eat, swim and play poker. After Phelps and his buddies got some schooling from Doyle, who gave them copies of his Super System 1 and 2 poker gambling books, Doyle made his way back home with some beers in his stomach and good times to remember. The question everybody wants to know now is whether this is just the beginning of more good times ahead.



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