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Online Casino News - September, 2008

Craps Could Have a Bright Future With John McCain



  Seed Newsvine

by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

September 4, 2008

For those who are closest to Republican Presidential nominee Senator, John McCain, it's no mystery that the Vietnam POW has a penchant for playing Craps in the casino. The rest of us, however, may not have gotten wind of this most interesting fact. And not that it really matters anyways when it comes to his capabilities of getting America's economy back on track and in good favor with the rest of the world (that's a whole other story). However, McCain's habit at the craps table does make you wonder what this guy is really all about, not to mention strike up some hearty laughs when seeing how the Republican party tries to keep the original maverick's pastime under the radar, or should I say under the table.

The Huffington Post published an article in August titled "Will McCain Gamble With Lives", which is all about John McCain's "impulsive obsession" with casino craps. And believe me, "impulsive obsession" is no exaggeration. McCain has been documented to play craps on impulse for 14 hours at a time, according to longtime friend, Wes Gullet, who worked under McCain for many years.

And it's not that McCain is trying to hide his habit. Obviously, he thinks it's perfectly fine to lay down and lose thousands of dollars at a time on the craps table. I mean, the guy owns eleven houses and spent approximately $200,000 on household staff in 2007 alone, not to mention the fact that he's been married into the Anheuser Busch family. He apparently has a lot of money to lose.

On a trip to New Orleans, as soon as McCain arrived at his downtown hotel, he hopped out of his chauffeured car and bee lined straight across the street to Harrah's Casino for some action on the $15 minimum stake craps tables. And according to Michael Scherer of the London Times, who has accounted McCain's jaunts to Mississippi riverboat casinos, Indian casinos, Las Vegas and Caribbean gambling hotspots over the past decade, in 2005, the good Senator joined a group of journalists at a craps table in Peurto Rico, offering his betting advice upon request.

But as Connie Bruck of the New Yorker and the Huffington Post article noted - What does McCain's impulsive and risky gambling habits say about his "realism" regarding conflicts, wars and human lives. One can only pray that the "win some, lose some" mentality would not apply in this context. And it's apparently not even about the money for McCain. His aids say he loves the camaraderie at the table, and the excitement and thrill of winning. As recently as the G.O.P. primary battle last Spring, McCain announced he was making a visit to Las Vegas and that he planned to spend some time in the casino - at the craps table of course. And when his aids discouraged him from doing so (in light of a public relations disaster), McCain suggested having the casino take a private table up to his hotel suite.

It makes you wonder if Senator John McCain is now playing Craps at an online casino, taking advantage of the privacy and inconspicuousness that online gambling affords.



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