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We have recently updated this page with a list of the best online casinos for the iphone. The casino sites listed below provide an excellent gaming experience you are going to love. Enjoy and good luck!


iPhone Online Casino Games Launched by Spin3



  Seed Newsvine

by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

September 11, 2008

Macintosh user's and devoted Apple techies have scored another point following the release of Poker Stars Mac-compatible download poker room software this week. Thanks to the innovative developers at Spin3, who have partnered with Microgaming Software, iPhone mobile user's will soon have the luxury of playing mobile online casino games - the first ever for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

In the mobile gaming world, players generally must first choose their phone make and model from a list on the online casinos website, and then wait to receive the appropriate SMS text message for downloading a compatible platform. This platform by Spin3, however, is designed specifically for the Mac apps used by the iPhone and iPod. The games do not need to be downloaded, but are instead, integrated with the iPhone's proprietary web browser.

A tremendous feat to say the least, Spin3 is also proud of the fact the mobile games are tailored to integrate with the touch-screen capabilities of the iPhone, as well as horizontal and vertical viewing modes. In other words, think of these mobile games as being built into the phone itself, and offering all of the ease and user-friendliness that Mac computers are well known for, especially regarding multi-media applications.

Far from being a comprehensive mobile online casino, there are just three games available on the phone. Two of these - Blackjack and Microgaming's wildly popular Tomb Raider online video slots are currently available, while the progressive jackpot video slot, Major Millions, will be launched later in September at the European i-Gaming Congress and Expo. All three games certainly make up the most popular of the lot, especially Major Millions, which recently busted a jackpot for nearly $1 million at Microgaming's newest online casino licensee, Rich Reels.

For players unfamiliar with the budding mobile online gambling sector, there are no discernable differences between Spin3's mobile games and their PC download casino counterparts. According to early reviews, the new iPhone mobile casino games offer extremely sharp graphics and enhanced in-game effects. And seriously, would you expect anything less from the iPhone?



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