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Online Casino News - September, 2008

eCOGRA Casino Player Disputes Down First Half of 2008



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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

September 1, 2008

eCommerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) has published their latest figures regarding player disputes and complaints with eCOGRA accredited casinos - and as usual, all looks well on the home front. According to stats released by eCOGRA's Fair Gaming Advocate, Tex Rees, there was actually a 19% decrease in complaints covering the same six month time period last year. Additionally, approximately 50% of all complaints were resolved in favor of the player.

There were 346 complaints total - fifty of which were thrown out because they involved an online casino or betting site not holding an eCOGRA certification, while another 36 were false or did not contain sufficient contact or incident information. That left 260 complaints requiring further investigation by eCOGRA, many of which revealed player fraud - a trend not too different from last quarters results. Still, eCOGRA was able to resolve 127 of these complaints on behalf of the player.

The majority of these complaints specifically dealt with bonus issues (58 incidents to be exact), while account lock-outs prompted 44 complaints. In just about every case, miscommunication between the player and casino, or a lack of due diligence on the player's part to read the casinos terms and conditions were at the heart of valid disputes. What was most impressive about these findings is that the average number of valid disputes per approved online casino was just 0.40 per month. That is the lowest it has ever been, and is astounding considering the amount of traffic and players handled by eCOGRA's 131 approved online betting sites.

For anyone unfamiliar with eCOGRA, they are an independent gaming standards authority and player protection body. Continuing to lead the way in fair and responsible gaming practices, eCOGRA requires that all approved online casinos meet their strict guidelines in order to display the Safe and Fair Seal. Furthermore, all complaints against an approved site are investigated by eCOGRA's player advocacy department.

If you see eCOGRA's Seal you know you're in good hands. For a list of approved casinos, including Microgaming powered casinos still accepting U.S. players, please visit our eCOGRA Casinos page.



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