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Online Casino News - September, 2008

Casino Classic Trumps up New Slot: "First Past the Post"



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by Margaret Oliveira, News Staff Writer

September 26, 2008

You may have heard already about Microgaming's latest online casino game release. Included in this batch of games was the video slot "First Past the Post". Being hot off the software developer's desk, so to speak, "First Past the Post" isn't available at every Microgaming online casino licensee just yet. That all depends on the licensing agreement Microgaming has with its casino operators. It also depends on just how quick to act an operator is in getting the new video slot seamlessly added to its portfolio of downloadable games or Flash platform (if the game also has a Flash version).

This is exactly how it works in the online gaming world. And it's precisely the reason why you won't find the same number of games at every Microgaming powered online casino (or any other software powered casino for that matter). In general, Microgaming casinos offer the largest selection of games as a whole. Yet, for some people, it's not the number of games that matters - and it doesn't! But more on that in another article. For now, let's bring our attention to Casino Rewards' popular gaming destination: Casino Classic.

The popular eCOGRA approved Casino Classic, was one of the first casinos to publish a press release announcing the availability of "First Past the Post" (which they already have added to their game previews page as well). I'm not entirely sure why Casino Classic devoted an entire press release to just this one game when there were several other games worth mentioning in Microgaming's latest release. Perhaps it's the fact that "First Past the Post" is themed on the popular pastime of horseracing, which is the subject of many an online bet (at least in Europe).

In fact, their player base spans a broad range of countries throughout Europe. Casino Classic's software platform is now available in French, German, Spanish, Danish, Italian, and of course, English. And let's not forget the fact that "First Past the Post" is a twenty-five payline game offering up to $10,000 in winnings just on its quadruple gamble feature alone.

So, if you want to be one of the first gamblers to spin the reels on "First Past the Post", Casino Classic is a worthy place to do so. They offer both a Flash and downloadable version of their software platform (although I don't believe "First Past the Post" is available in Flash just yet). Casino Classic also allows players to open "fun money" practice accounts and real money accounts. Customer service is available 24/7, including live chat via their website and software platform.



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