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Online Casino News - September, 2008

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Now an Online Slot



  Seed Newsvine

by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

September 19, 2008

Apparently, there's no end to the new online casino games coming out at Microgaming. The premiere software developer has announced the launching of three no-download Flash casino games, just shortly after the launch of two new video slots - "First Past the Post" and "Sir Winsalot", and a new video poker game, "Deuces Wild Level Up" video poker (part of the new "level up" series).

It makes sense for Microgaming to split up these game releases, especially considering the high degree of anticipation for one of their new Flash online video slots - "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", which should be a familiar title for anybody who is old enough to gamble at an online casino. Then again, maybe not (I was trying to make myself feel younger). For those of you who don't know, "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" is a hilarious cult comedy feature film from 1989.

The movie is about two grunge teenagers (played by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters) who cross paths with a guy from the future named Rufus (played by the hilarious, late George Carlin) who gives Bill and Ted access to a payphone booth time machine for traveling into the past so they can pick the brains of historical characters and prevent failing high school. I know, it sounds wild. And that's what Microgaming is hoping to create with their new online casino game.

Having obtained the licensing rights for branding the new video slot with all the likeness that "Bill and Ted" are known for, there's a very good chance that Microgaming could also be obtaining or has already obtained the rights for the sequel to the excellent adventure - "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey", which yes, is just as funny and ridiculous.

Along with the "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" slot, (which, by the way, is a pub slot with cascading reels, two bonus feature games and a wild symbol), Microgaming has created Flash versions of the popular "Avalon" video slot and the recently launched "Cashapillar", which now has a whopping 100 paylines, 5 symbols per reel, and like it's original prototype, lots of scatters, free spins, multipliers, wilds, and Gamble features.



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