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Online Casino News - September, 2008

$500,000 World Series of Slots Underway at All Slots Casino



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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

September 6, 2008

The largest slots tournament on the internet is back - and this time there is even more cash for the final big winner. The eCOGRA approved Jackpot Factory online casino, All Slots (open to U.S. players), has announced it's $500,000 World Series of Slots - and in fact, the tournament is already underway. It started September 1, 2008, but the good news is that you have until November 10, 2008 to get involved.

The way it works is simple. There's no complicated tournament point scores or qualifying rounds, which if missed, makes players ineligible for the final pot. There are daily free "feeder" tournaments, which if won, not only awards pots up to $5,000, covers the entry fee to a larger tournament, including the $25,000 Weekly Finals (taking place this weekend).

Other tournaments include a $20,000 Weekend Re-buy tournament, a $100,000 semi-final, and the mother of all mothers - a $200,000 final tournament, which will be awarding a whopping, record-breaking $100,000 jackpot to the first place winner. Yes, that could be you. And it might not. You may not win anything. But how will you know if you don't try?

Seriously, when it comes to playing in online casino tournaments, especially slots tournaments, the real value is in the fun and excitement. Just as if you were playing slots on your own, it's luck that matters most. Only this time around, instead of having to pay large bets so that you're eligible to win the progressive jackpot, you can enjoy in the camaraderie of other players who have just as fair a chance of winning as you do. Of course, you still have to be focused and make sure you get in your fair share of bets. Just don't get zoned out on winning (like the Poker Prince Scotty Nguyen) and lose sight of the fun that online slots tournaments offer.

As I mentioned, there are tons of daily feeder tournaments with no entry fee. No worries even if you don't win one of these, 'cause the entry fees into the larger stake tournaments is very reasonable. Small tournaments cost as little as $2 to join and the Weekly $10K tournaments cost $15 to join. The aforementioned $25K Weekly Finals come with a $25 entry fee, while the $100K semi-final costs $50 and the $200K final costs a reasonable $100 to enter.

For more information on All Slots, please read our All Slots Casino Review.



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