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Online Casino News - Tila Tequila Promotes Online Casino

Tila Tequila Promotes Online Casino

by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

October 1, 2007

Online superstar Tila Tequila recently traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to promote her eponymous online casino portal. Ms. Tequila, who was born Tila Nguyen, is officially the most popular person on the ubiquitous MySpace website, with well over two million online friends as of today. Technically famous for nothing, Ms. Tequila is about to launch a bisexual reality show on the MTV network, and is working on her debut album, anchored by the R&B single, “I Love U.” She’s appeared on the covers of countless “lad mag”-style publications, and in an untold number of racy internet videos – you can definitely say that she’s working on a brand name. But Tila’s pet project right now is her internet casino, TilaCasino.com. Building on her love of online gambling, and especially online poker, Tila worked with Playtech to develop a portal that would entrance fans of her sexy image and online casinos alike.

In Spain, Tila met with “top” online casino and virtual poker affiliates in an effort to boost TilaCasino.com’s exposure. She is planning to attend the CAP Europe conference to promote her internet casino venture, and work with her marketing team to make the site a leading name amongst online gambling fans. The site is already successful as online casinos go, but the Tila Tequila marketing team –working overtime with commercials for the new TV show airing non-stop- wants to prove that Tila is serious about online gaming… especially poker, her first love.

The TilaCasino.com online casino is a portal to state-of-the-art casino games boasting live video dealers. The site is a member of the massive iPoker internet casino network, which means that members can take part in tournaments with hefty jackpots. But Tila’s site isn’t just another one of those poker-only online casino: it also offers many table and card games, plus Mahjong, Pachinko, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, and Sic Bo.



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