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Online Casino News - Slotland: Two Jackpots in a Few Weeks!

Slotland: Two Jackpots in a Few Weeks!

by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

October 1, 2007

It was a lucky Sunday for one very fortunate patron of the Slotland online casino during the weekend before last. A Canadian woman became the second Slotland progressive jackpot winner within a matter of weeks on September 23, by winning $146,761 on a slot machine at the thriving internet casino. Mere weeks ago, yet another Slotland player won a massive online gambling progressive jackpot, this time of $165,318. Call it coincidence or call it luck, but the nearly back-to-back jackpots surely mean that Slotland will be getting some extra attention from the fans of online casinos.

Truly, the newest winner’s jackpot comes with an amazing story. The woman, who was not identified by name, usually plays the online casino’s Booster slots, because, as she says, she likes the way that specific internet casino slot offers her the opportunity to “boost” her bets. However, a friend recommended the “Magic” slot machine after winning a small amount of money from it, so the woman decided to give it a try. Turns out that the online gambling slot’s name was prophetic, and that a few rolls of the “Magic” slots was all she needed to snag the big bucks! It’s rare for online casinos to produce two big winners in such a brief time period.

That adage might not hold true at Slotland for much longer, however. The online casino instituted a policy earlier this year that effectively doubles the start-up amounts of all slots, giving players more incentive to play, even after a major jackpot has been hit. Previously, the internet casino jackpots reset at twenty-five thousand dollars; now they will reset at fifty thousand for a more enriching online gambling experience. Slotland CEO John Lancelot expressed hope that the twin jackpots would encourage players at online casinos to take a chance at the slots, even though the chance of a win seems minimal.



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