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Online Casino News - Phantom Releases Fall Line-Up

Phantom Releases Fall Line-Up

by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

September 12, 2007

With autumn comes cooler weather, falling leaves… and thrilling news for all fans of Phantom EFX online gambling products. The world’s number one publisher of internet casino games recently unrolled two new games for the fall, which are such to excite players around the world. A press release from Cedar Falls, Iowa heralded the availability of two online casino games: Reel Deal Casino Gold Rush and Reel Deal Slots Ghost Town. The former is said to offer “unmatched realism,” while the latter will deliver more than thirty new slots to gamers. Nor are Phantom’s stimulating products limited to the world of online casinos – the group is also touting the industry’s first-ever sports book that comes to viewers as a live feed from the company’s Las Vegas casino locations.

Phantom Director and Chief Executive Officer Aaron Schurman stated in the press release that the online casino company is “so excited” about the new releases, and thinks that players will be, too. Schurman enthused about online gambling sports bettors now being able to simultaneously watch their favorite team play, and keep track of live updates of the lines thanks to the internet casino’s real-time portal. Phantom subscribers will also be able to place bets on horse and dog races, and follow those stats live as well. The total experience just has not been something offered yet by online casinos, he said, and the novelty is sure to excite players the world over.

Phantom’s online casino games are perhaps best known for their flexible play options, which include basic, free play, or preferred subscription status with a host of benefits and perks. By taking advantage of a low-cost online gambling paid member subscription from Phantom, players are not only given priority access to the company’s full lineup on internet casino games, but are also treated to a host of perks unrivaled by other online casinos, which include VIP tournament invitations, global ranking, in-suite tables, mall items, and party options that let players hook up with other members looking to start new games.



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