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Online Casino News - New Slots for The Osbournes

New Slots for The Osbournes

by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

October 1, 2007

Who doesn’t love the Osbournes, the quirky and lovable family headed by rock ‘n roll legend Ozzy Osbourne? The family’s eponymous television show on the MTV network has been off the air for two years, but America’s fascination with the zany Brits –father Ozzy, mother Sharon, and children Jack and Kelly – has not diminished. That’s why news that the Osbournes will be featured in a new slot machine for online casinos is so exciting! Microgaming is proud to be rolling out an all-new “The Osbournes’” slot machine game, specially for online gambling and internet casinos. “The Osbournes” comes on the tail of one of this year’s biggest online casino slot smash hits, “Hitman.”

Thanks to an exclusive licensing agreement with the Osbourne family, over one hundred twenty Microgaming-powered online casinos will have access to the exciting new internet casino slot machine. Soon enough, “The Osbournes” slot machine will be available in almost twenty languages, so that online casino players the world over can enjoy online gambling with their favorite famous family! The real-life Osbournes are said to be just tickled about their move into virtual slots, and feel that Microgaming has “done a fantastic job” in representing the family. Even Sharon’s irascible pooch, Minnie, has been immortalized in the game.

“The Osbournes” slot machine game for online casinos is a five-reel, twenty-pay-line slot, with an exciting range of free spin opportunities, multiplier boosts, and solid cash prizes. Online casinos players can play their luck for three, four, or five Minnie the dog symbols for free plays, and test their skill up through four levels of cash, fun, and chance. Microgaming CEO Roger Rattgever enthuses that “The Osbournes” slot is surely one of the biggest events in slots this year, and possibly one of the biggest events in online gambling and internet casinos in general.



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