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Online Casino News - Myths Debunked: The Weekend Jackpot

Myths Debunked: The Weekend Jackpot

by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

September 14, 2007

There is a persistent, yet mostly untrue rumor that progressive jackpot slot machines at online casinos are programmed to hit on the weekends. If you are an internet gambling aficionado, then surely you have heard this urban myth. The superstition has blazed its way through the world of online casino players, piquing interest and wonder about the veracity of the claim. This is one myth that has gained some serious notoriety, and everyone surely knows someone who has heard straight from the lips of an internet casino employee that it is true. Yet the fact remains that progressive jackpot slots are, in and of themselves, no more likely to hit on weekends than any other day of the week. That doesn’t mean, however, that more jackpots aren’t hit on the weekends! Here’s why.

More online casino players like to play on the weekends! The period between Friday night and Monday morning is the one time during the week when the overwhelming majority of online gambling fans have time to relax and play. Ergo, more money is being contributed towards progressive jackpot slot machines at online casinos across the internet, and more spins of these same machines are being played. This adds a new factor to the equation – the human factor! Because the slots are being played more frequently, there is a statistically greater chance of them being hit.

That’s just another online casino factoid for your edification and entertainment. The next time someone claims to have inside information into the world of internet casinos, you will know fact from fiction, and be able to straighten them out!



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