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Online Casino News - Myths Debunked: Slots for Seniors

Myths Debunked: Slots for Seniors

by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

September 14, 2007

As you may have discovered already, there is an entire universe of superstitions revolving around the world of online gambling and online casinos. One prevalent myth is devoted to slot machines: namely, the belief that only “old people” – senior citizens – play internet casino slots. If you are a fan of online casino slots, you may have endured no end of taunts and ribbing from your fellow online gambling aficionados about your preference. Is it true that only the aged and decrepit play online casino slots? The fact is, it just is not.

Now that slot machines have moved out of traditional, land-based casinos, and onto the World Wide Web, their key demographics have shifted with them. No longer are internet casino slots the realm of seniors. Many of the younger online gambling generation has learnt to reconsider these fun, relaxing games, even as the majority of their peers flock to online casino poker tables. There will always be those who are of the belief that slot machines give the house too big of an advantage, being entirely based upon chance, but there are those who recognize the cachet of slot machine games at online casinos.

First of all, the slots can be played solo, unlike other online casino games. No waiting around for your friends to long on and join you – the slots are a form of internet gambling that you can take pleasure in all by yourself. Plus, they offer the potential of a large payoff for relatively little investment… a benefit that few internet casino games can claim. Sure, slots have a very high House Edge, however, for the player who spends a lot of time raising their blood pressure at high-stakes games, the relaxation of the slots can be a welcome respite, indeed.



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