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Online Casino News - Myths Debunked: Red/Black

Myths Debunked: Red/Black

by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

September 14, 2007

If you are a fan of online casino Roulette games, then you may just have your own superstitions about the likelihood of your color coming up. The game is a perennial favorite at internet casinos, thanks to the simplicity and convenience of play. Many online casinos offer Roulette, and many players flock to these games, due to the promise of a (usually) high instant payout. Roulette is a deceptively simple medium of online gambling… just red numbers, and black numbers! There must be some way of “sussing” out the system and making better predictions, right? Wrong!

Someone might have told you that there is a pattern to online casino Roulette games. A friend of a friend supposedly discovered that the wheel must stop on black after five consecutive reds, or that there are diehard trends that dictate the wheel’s results. It’s all bunk. Just like internet casino slots, the Roulette games intended for online gambling rely purely on chance. It doesn’t matter if the last one hundred spins have been black – the one hundred first spin still only has a fifty percent chance of being red. Again, Roulette is one of the trickiest games in online casinos, despite being one of the simplest. There will always be those who have to try and make a simple thing more complicated – it’s just their nature!

If you are a fan of online casino Roulette games, then you would do well to ignore the superstitions of shysters claiming to have some fabled secret about the spin of the wheel. We have even heard of online gambling players who have paid good money for “secret” knowledge about the odds of internet casino Roulette games! Don’t be one of those fools – remember that each spin is a matter of chance, and rests in the hands of fate.



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