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Online Casino News - October, 2009

Online Gambling is Safe and Fair Says RGA Educational Video


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by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

October 20, 2009

Helping to educate lawmakers, the Remote Gaming Association (RGA) recently finished producing a video that demonstrates how the online gambling industry works to protect players. It is a five minute video that aims to provide insight into how online casinos are able to provide safe and fair online gambling environments, according to RGA Chief, Clive Hawkswood. Specifically, the video showcases technologies that are used to protect and encrypt personal information, including financial details, as well as preventing problem and underage gambling.

Unveiled to commemorate Responsible Gambling Awareness Day (that's today, October 19th), the video has not been published online as of yet, but is expected to be available for view in the coming days or near future. If anything, it will also serve to inform players who are new to online gambling, as well as affiliates and partner sites advertising and promoting online casinos. The fact of the matter is that not every online casino upholds the standards of the RGA, and so letting players and affiliates know what to look for can help keep the rogue casino sites out there from stealing business and pocketbooks.

With education as its weapon of choice, the RGA has made tremendous strides in countering misconceptions that problem gambling is an "epidemic", while still providing resources for gamblers to help prevent and identify problem gambling tendencies. The RGA does not deny that problem gamblers are spawned from remote gambling sources, such as the internet. However, they are quick to offer preventive and treatment solutions, as well as risk assessment that has proven helpful in keeping problem gambling numbers manageable and within regulatory guidelines.

The RGA also financially supports problem gambling treatment groups, like the world's first international gambling helpline service, Gambling Therapy. In fact, the RGA donated 16,000 Euros to Gambling Therapy in conjunction with Responsible Gambling Awareness Day.

If there was anybody or anything that held the necessary resources to "educate the masses" regarding online gambling, and I mean educate in the sense of explaining how safety and fairness are ensured at online casinos, or at least properly regulated and accredited online casinos, it would certainly be the Remote Gaming Association, also known as the RGA.

A leading industry trade body, or association if you will, RGA represents the biggest and best brands in the online gambling arena. With a focus on the European sector, since that is the most widely government regulated area in the world, RGA helps to use it's media outlets to raise awareness of gaming operator responsibilities while ensuring member operators maintain such standards.

Visit RGA.eu for more information.



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