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Online Casino News - October, 2009

Online Community Slots Now Available at All Slots Casino


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by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

October 1, 2009

The Jackpot Factory's All Slots Casino is certainly the place to go for the best that Microgaming Software has to offer. Large progressive jackpots, transparent record keeping, user-friendly betting controls and innovative casino games are the norm here. While the reality is that all Microgaming online casino licensees practically offer the same betting package in terms of playable games (400+ on the Viper Platform), All Star Slots offers special playing perks that other Microgaming online casinos don't.

One of these perks is being the first online casino to showcase new games, such as the recently launched multi-player "Wheel of Wealth" community slot. A phrase that is likely to become common lingo in the online gambling world shortly, community slots allow multiple slots players to hit up the same machine at once and engage in interactive play.

Not just a private chat room with a slot machine (although chat functions are indeed available), Wheel of Wealth Community Slots actually offers interactive gambling in the truest sense of the phrase, giving players the chance to partake in shared bonus rounds.

In many ways, community slots are a natural evolution of the online bingo factor. Anyone who has played online bingo before knows just how fun the interactive aspect of this social game is. For many players, the social component is just as important as winning. The difference with online community slots is that there is more money to win. No offense to online bingo, because there certainly are some big payouts to be had, yet, for the largest jackpots online, online casinos are where its at.

As mentioned, All Slots is one of the more popular sites out there, albeit they are not open to U.S. players. When it comes to playing online slots, no other online casino offers as large a selection as All Slots. And when it comes to online community slots, well, no other online casino period has them! Surely, that will change later down the road as Microgaming makes community slots available to all of their online casino licensees.

In the meantime, look no further than All Slots. While you're at it, you might also want to claim All Slots 100% Match Bonus up to 200 credits and 10% cash back on every deposit thereafter. Read the OCS All Slots Casino Review for more information on this eCOGRA approved online casino.



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