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Online Casino News - October, 2009

Online Casino Slots Freeroll Tournament Halloween Night


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by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

October 29, 2009

We told everyone about it at the start of the month, and now that Halloween is just two days away, we're telling you about it again. The "Fearfully Fun Fright Night Freeroll" is a free roll slot tournament that any member of Hambledon NV's online casino network (Golden Casino, Online Vegas and Go Casino) can join, including players from the U.S.

A great way to spend Halloween eve, Fearfully Fun Fright Night Freeroll actually begins promptly at 10 am Eastern Standard US time Friday, October 30, 2009, and runs until midnight the same evening. Therefore, if you really want to stake a claim at the leaderboard, you might want to get an early start. Although it only takes a big jackpot win to place first at an online casino slots tournament (just be sure to meet the minimum stake), it is a common strategy to get in as much spins as possible.

Some players will even open multiple accounts at different online casinos networked into the same tournament. Just remember that you can't open two accounts at the same online casino - even if they are under a different name. It's just one per household. Otherwise, you could risk having your account closed and all assets frozen. In this case, you could very well open one account at Golden Casino, Go Casino and Online Vegas each.

Since this is a free roll slots tournament, it is free to enter. Doing so will get you a starting balance of $100. Now, for anyone who has never played in an online casino slots free roll tournament, your bankroll cannot be cashed out. The way it works is that the player with the highest balance at the end of the tournament wins the top prize, which is usually a percentage of the prize pool or a guaranteed lump sum. For this tournament, there is $2,666 guaranteed, with the first place winner guaranteed $666.

Remember, it's a Halloween tournament :) This is precisely why the "Black Magic" slot machine is the chosen host game for Fearfully Fun Fright Night Freeroll. A twenty payline video slot, Black Magic is a highly entertaining game complete with a spooky bonus round and lots of free spins and winnings multipliers.

Remember, you will likely have to purchase a re-buy if you run out of credits. That is, if you haven't won a big jackpot and want to build up as much points as possible. For only $1.99, you will receive 100 extra credits, thus allowing you to stay in the game even longer. If this sounds scary enough for you, visit Go Casino for more details, or read the OCS online casino reviews for Golden Casino, Online Vegas and Go Casino for more details.



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