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Online Casino News - October, 2009

Right2Bet Seeks to Overturn EU Policy With Nakedness


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by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

October 27, 2009

If there is one thing that has proven to sell time and again, it's sex. And not even just "sex" in terms of the "act" is the only strong seller. Sex as gender sells like hotcakes too. And by that, I mean the female sex. No, I'm not just talking about porn. Face it guys - heterosexual guys that is - you know it's hard to resist clicking on an image of a pretty woman showing up in the search results - even if you weren't searching for an image of a pretty woman to begin with!

Perhaps this is why Right2Bet has launched a campaign to drum up support for European online gambling regulation by, well, showcasing pretty women and their pretty body parts. The Get Naked campaign consists of both land-based and viral marketing tactics so as to capture 1,000,000 signatures in support of overturning current EU rulings that go against EU policy by means of allowing State-run gambling monopolies to interfere in the online betting realm.

The land-based viral campaign has consisted of public showings with scantily clad models allowing petition supporters to actually sign their bodies. Talk about a teenage boy's dream, the models have been wearing nothing but bikinis, and by the looks of the pictures posted on Right2Bet's website, have been endowed with some signatures pretty close to the seams, if you know what I mean.

Now, the internet campaign "Get Naked" is a little more inventive, and has thus far proven to go viral as evidenced by the 10,000+ signatures already received in support of amending EU online gambling policy. The way it works is that instead of getting to sign a real body, you get to sign a virtual version made possible with the help of British glamour model, Katie Marie.

The fun thing about it is that after choosing a part of Katie's body to sign, which I might add is dancing and swaying her hips in a black bikini, you will receive an email with a photo of your signature on Katie's corresponding body part - breasts, buttocks, abs. As an added bonus, you will also be treated to a video of Katie bouncing up and down on a giant ball. And if you refer friends to sign up, you'll get access to another video of Katie running around in her bikini with streamers and kicking balloons. It's clearly ridiculous fun...but it's all in good taste.

And need I mention the cause again? Albeit there's no ban like in the U.S., yet in Europe, the laws from EU nation to EU nation vary so much, it's practically impossible to tell which online casinos and which jurisdictions are legal. A true mish mash of hypocritical policy's and protectionist laws, the European online gambling industry has great potential for liberalization, but it needs your help. Sign the petition at Right2Bet.com today.



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