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Online Casino News - October, 2009

English Harbour Group Launches New Online Casino


  Seed Newsvine

by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

October 17, 2009

The popular U.S. facing English Harbour group of online casinos, also known as English Harbour Gaming Ventures (EHGV), just proved why they are serious about being a top contender in the fight for U.S. online gambling traffic for years to come. They have launched another online casino. Heard of the name "Slots Galore"? Well, you probably haven't, unless of course you're prone to using the phrase to describe your personal online gambling sessions.

Slots Galore is hot off the assembly line, so to speak. In fact, they are so new, the EnglishHarbourCasinos.com website does not even list them as a partner site just yet. But then again, maybe EHGV wants it that way. VIP Slots Casino, which is an EHGV property, is not listed either. Perhaps that's because, at one point in time, VIP Slots was supposedly not going to be open to U.S. players. But now they are, so go figure. And so is Slots Galore Casino.

Anyone who is an affiliate of the EHGV group, however, knows that Slots Galore and VIP Slots are part of EHGV. They can both be promoted via English Harbour's affiliate program, Casino Coins, which for anyone interested in getting into the online gambling industry, is a good place to start. Just for some back-story, EHGV is the owner of Vegas Technology Software, which was developed from Odds On Software back in the early days of online gambling.

Online Casino Suite does not yet have a review posted of Slots Galore, and to be honest, we're not quite sure if and when that will take place. Once you play at one EHGV casino, you'll get to know the other casinos in their network via newsletters, special promotion announcements and the like. What we do know is that Slots Galore is owned and operated by one of the more respected names in the U.S. facing online gambling sector. That has to stand for something.

What has also got to stand for something is the fact that Slots Galore is giving the first 500 players who sign up a free $25 no-deposit bonus. It's called the "Early Bird Special", and is certainly the best no-deposit bonus offer you will find right now. If you don't make the first 500 cut, Slots Galore is also offering a fantastic welcome bonus to all players worth 200% up to $500 Free or 100% up to $1,000 Free. As is the case with most play bonuses, there is a maximum cashout in winnings derived from the bonus, which for this one is $100.

Like we've always said here at OCS, some of the best promotions and bonuses can be found at newly launched online casinos seeking to spread the word.



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