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Online Casino News - October, 2009

Ongoing Tournaments at Rushmore's Blackjack Bowl III


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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

October 13, 2009

If you're looking for one of the best selections of online blackjack tournaments and a good chance at staking claim to guaranteed tournament pots, US-facing Rushmore Casino's Blackjack Bowl tournaments are the way to go. First off, for anybody unfamiliar with the Blackjack Bowl, it's one of the longest running and largest blackjack tournaments offered at an online casino.

For Rushmore, this is the third season of the Blackjack Bowl, in essence making it Blackjack Bowl III. Unlike a normal slots or blackjack tournament lasting only a few days, or even a couple of months for that matter, Blackjack Bowl spans twenty-one months. No matter that the tournament has already started (there are roughly over 120 days left), because tt's an ongoing tournament that awards cash winnings along the way, with a prize pool hovering around the $50,000 mark.

Blackjack Bowl III is broken into three stages, the first of which ia a collection of three weekly tournaments every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Monday's tournament is called the $7 Playoff and has a $7 entry fee. The prize pool is $25, with $15 going to first place, $7.50 going to second and $2.50 to third. Thursday's tournament has a $14 entry and a $50 prize pool. Saturday's contest has a $21 entry and divvies out $75 to the top three finishers. It may not sound like much, but this is just the beginning. Furthermore, and most importantly, the top winners get to move onto the second stage of the tournament. Think of the weekly tournaments as a great way to experience tournament action while winning a few extra bucks at the same time.

As mentioned, there is a second stage of the Blackjack Bowl III tournament, and it's called the Bowl of the Week. This is when the prize pools start to sound more interesting. Every Sunday night, the Bowl of the Week takes place, offering a $1,000 prize pool, with first place pocketing $420, first runner up receiving $250, third place nabbing $150, fourth place earning $100 the fifth place finisher on the winner's list getting $80. For players who did not win seats during the weekly qualifying tournaments, buy-ins can be had for $55.

The third stage of the Blackjack Bowl III fittingly is the Bowl of the Month. With a $2,000 prize pool, this tournament is double the pot of the Bowl of the Week, thus giving out double the winnings for the top five finishers. Like before the top five finishers of each weekly bowl will be given a free seat to the Bowl of the Month, while buy-ins can be had for $99.

As you might have surmised, all of this leads to the final event of the Blackjack Bowl III. This is the Blackjack Bowl, and has a massive prize pool of $21,000. Again, all the players who made the winner's list for all the preceding weekly and monthly bowl tournaments will receive free entry into the ultimate blackjack tournament, with the top 12 finishers receiving cash winnings and $7,000 going to the first place winner alone. Even if you did not participate in any of the weekly and monthly blackjack bowls, entry into the grand finale can be bought with a $250 entry fee.

Ready to kick the dealer and casino out of the equation and get started competing in Blackjack tournaments against other players? OCS highly recommends Rushmore Casino.  Read our Rushmore Casino Review for more information on credentials. Don't forget to take advantage of their 200% Blackjack Bonus worth up to $1,000 Free.



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