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Online Casino News - October, 2008

Weike Gaming Technology in an Asian Casino Near You



  Seed Newsvine

by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

October 26, 2008

Here at OCS, we like to share updates on betting companies you may or may not have heard of, but who nonetheless have achieved a considerable amount of success in the terrestrial and/or online gambling fields.  So without further delay, here's the scoop on an Asia-based (Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam) gaming technology company called Weike Gaming, whom we recently noticed at the 2008 Asia G2E.

I'm sure if I had lived in Asia, Weike would be a more familiar name with me. In many ways, they are the IGT of the Eastern Hemisphere. Weike is Malaysia's only licensed betting machine manufacturer, and is making a concerted effort to become all of Asia's top machine manufacturer. Looking at the way things are presently going for the company, not to mention the liberalization of the Asian gaming sector, this could be a not-too-distant reality.

Committed to new innovation and technology solely on the basis of improving their product line, Weike is not the kind of company you will find taking a break or watching the betting industry grow from the sidelines. Proactive to say the least, the products coming out of Weike, including electronic betting tables, gaming systems (progressive jackpot networks) and slots truly reflect this company's positive attitude.

Strictly catering to the Asian betting sector, Weike has a unique selection of Asian-themed slot games boasting state-of-the-art animations. Some titles include "Uniquely Singapore", "Truly Malaysia", "Discovering Macau", "Oriental Fantasy", "Yokoso Japan" and "King of Prosperity". Oh, and we can't forget "Vegas Temptation". Perhaps maybe Vegas isn't so much a temptation these days, considering the expanding Macau casino Mecca.

Another specialty innovation at Weike are their multi-player electronic casino betting tables. Oh, and did I mention they are cashless and do not require a live dealer to man them? Using 3D virtual chips and cards, yet still providing all the felt and cushions you would expect at a live dealer table, Weike's electronic betting tables could be the wave of the future, much in the same way that video poker became a craze in the 80's. With innovation like that, there's nothing stopping Weike Gaming from indeed becoming Asia's top gaming machine manufacturer. Keep your eyes out for them.



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