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Online Casino News - October, 2008

UltimateBet Online Poker Investigation Concludes



  Seed Newsvine

by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

October 1, 2008

An independent investigation regarding the cheating scandals at Tokwiro Enterprises' Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet online poker rooms has wrapped up according to an official statement released by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. At the hands of Frank Catania (former New Jersey Gaming Commissioner), the investigation has apparently answered some pressing questions which the online poker community at large has been demanding for some time now.

One of the foremost demands people have been asking is that the names of the perpetrators of the cheating scandal (which took place over the course of 36 months and resulted in over $60 million in fraudulent poker playing) be released. When the cheating scandals first broke out, Kahnawake Gaming Commission's unacceptable answer was that it was a "former employee".

Well, guess what folks? According to Catania's report, the former owner of Ultimate Bet itself and World Series of Poker champion, Russ Hamilton, is at the heart of the cheating scandal. In fact Hamilton was named as the "chief perpetrator". While Hamilton wasn't the only one involved, it is very likely he knew about all the cheating activity that was taking place.

Most people will be surprised to hear this news. However, there was some suspicion about Hamilton going back to the Absolute Poker scandal (which preceded the debacle at Ultimate Bet. The "insider" poker community, including many whom publish their own poker blogs, had drawn some attention on Hamilton more than once. Some players were even discussing the "scumminess" of Russ Hamilton, which is now pretty apparent. Anyone who is already a millionaire to begin with, and chooses to steal millions more from innocent and unsuspecting people is most certainly at the top of the "scumbag hierarchy".

As for Kahnawake's response to the report, they are demanding that all players who were affected by the scandal to be fully refunded by November 7, 2008. To date, $6.1 million has already been paid back by Ultimate Bet. The Commission also demands that UB remove any employee deemed "unsuitable" (whatever that means), that UB prepare a day-by-day written report to the Commission regarding player activity, submit all software and transaction logs whenever requested and pay a $1.5 million fine. Otherwise, they lose their license. The idea now is that some criminal action should take place. That's what the poker community wants - and rightfully so.



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