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Online Casino News - October, 2008

Microgaming's Latest Online Casino Games Featured



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by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

October 17, 2008

At some point, you have to wonder when Microgaming is going to run out of ideas for new online casino slots and table games. Releasing a new batch of games every month as part of their "New Games Rollout" campaign, Microgaming is the most prolific software developer in business today. October has been no different than past months, for the Isle of Man-based online gaming giant has announced another game launch.

Microgaming's latest release of online casino games is a timely one. With the Halloween holiday coming up at the end of this month, Microgaming's "Jonny Specter" video slot, invokes ghostly spirits so to speak. Paying homage to the classic 80's movie "Ghost Busters", which was later morphed into all sorts of merchandise and media, including a cartoon and television series, "Jonny Specter" will probably bring up some memories for most players. The game features a wild symbol, an expanding wild, free spins and bonus game multipliers - it's your classic American/Australian video slot rolled into one.

Similar to "Jonny Specter" but far less scarier, is "Bob's Bowling Bonanza" video slot. Offering five reels and thirty paylines of fast-paced bowling action, this game likewise offers a wild, scatter, bonus game and a unique gamble feature. The way it works is that if the Strike symbol shows up anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5, the reels graphically morph into virtual bowling lanes. The bonus game is then played out, offering 20x winnings if a strike is bowled. A gamble feature then gives players the opportunity to double and quadruple winnnings.

The third new online video slot launched this month is called "Spike's Nite Out". Developed for dog lover's, this fun and entertaining slot has fifteen paylines covering five reels of canine inspired symbols. There is a Wild, Scatter and bonus opportunities on this game, which is also a great play for low-rollers. With a minimum coin of 0.01 and maximum of .20, the most you can bet at once to cover all paylines is $30. Compared to the hundred+ stakes required at other video slots, "Spike's Nite Out" is easy on the bankroll.

Also on Microgaming's latest release of online casino games is a new addition to their Gold Series. This time around it's "Multi-Hand Perfect Pairs European Blackjack" that has been given "gold" status. Enhancing the standard game of European Blackjack with a chance to make side bets on a "Perfect Pair", "Colored Pair" or "Mixed Pair", this new game is sure to catch the attention of online blackjack fans.



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