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Online Casino News - October, 2008

888 Gets Three More Cryptologic Online Casino Games



  Seed Newsvine

by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

October 7, 2008

Cryptologic has announced that three more of its most popular online casino games are now available at 888 (CasinoOnNet). With the first half of a 36-month licensing deal complete, the two online gaming giants agreed it was night time they should collaborate even further, upping the total licensing deal to thirteen online casino games.

The latest game additions include two of the Marvel Superhero slots series - Fantastic Four and Spider-Man - as well as the enormously popular "Bejeweled", which is based on the computer puzzle game by the same name. Of course, both parties are happy about the deal. Cryptologic benefits from the fact that 888 is one of the largest online casinos on the Web, while 888's members get to experience some of the hottest casino games and graphics available.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why 888 and Cryptologic have been able to work together is because of the fact that neither company accepts U.S. players. The unique part of the relationship (although not entirely unique) is that Cryptologic does not exclusively power CasinoOnNet. 888 uses several software platforms, including it's own. I suppose you could call it a proprietary blend of online casino software.

Here at OCS, we're not a big fan of this type of setup, which is why we don't list 888 as one of our top-reviewed best online casinos. Indeed, 888 holds several excellent credentials and are a very large site committed to offering great customer service. But they have gotten too large in our opinion. Also, we don't agree with how they manage their welcome bonus. Advertising it as a 100% bonus up to $200 free, but in reality, only offering $25 up front until players have accumulated a certain amount of comp points (on top of a 20x play-through requirement).

Of course, it's entirely up to the players. 888 may be fine for newbie, non-U.S. players. Cryptologic powered online casinos most certainly are. And now, anybody with a penchant for 888, "Bejeweled" or Marvel Superhero video slots can have their cake and eat it too.



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