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Online Casino News - New Card Game: Stravaganza

New Card Game: Stravaganza

by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

October 31, 2007

The Playtech network of online casinos recently rolled out an all-new, exciting card table game called Stravaganza. Most Playtech internet casinos, including perennial favorite Casino Tropez will feature the new title, which is already generating rave reviews. In the highly cutthroat world of online casino gaming, each new title faces a gauntlet of competition for players’ attention. Thanks to its many unique features and high entertainment value, however, Stravaganza will doubtlessly have little trouble garnering its own share of the market.

If you enjoy games of Blackjack at online casinos, then Stravaganza might just be the title for you! Like Blackjack, Stravaganza is a card game based on point values. It is played with five decks of cards, dealt by the internet casino dealer. You, the online gambling player, are dealt two cards face-up. The dealer is dealt three cards, all facing down. Like its table card game cousin, Blackjack, Stravaganza counts card values by rank, with aces worth one point, and face cards worth ten. Stravaganza is a good deal less risky for online casino players than Blackjack, however, due to the fact that there is no upper limit on which you can “bust.” Your goal is to have as many points as possible!

After placing your bet at the online casino table, you click the DEAL button to get your cards. Then, you must make a choice. If your online gambling hand total is five points or fewer, you have the option to cancel your bet for a full refund, and end the round. The online casinos also offer a “rescue bet” of fifty percent back to end the round if your total is between six and nine points. If you have at least ten points, you have two options. You can “sit” your bet against the dealer’s three cards, or you can “play on” for a double wager, and one extra card.



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