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Online Casino News - Online Casino Myths: Playing at Night?

Online Casino Myths: Playing at Night?

by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

October 31, 2007

The latest online casino myth we’re debunking today has to do with gaming at night time. Rumor has it that some online gambling fans believe that after-dark play is advantageous, for a number of reasons. Throughout time, gamblers have constantly sought ways to suss out the machines on which they were playing. These attempts have given rise to many urban legends – such as the story that using either hot or cold coins (literally heated or cooled before insertion into the machine) would somehow manipulate the mechanisms of slot machines. Many of these myths crossed over the online casinos when gaming sites began to open on the World Wide Web, but obviously, using real coins just is not an option with this medium! Therefore, players created other stories.

The “after dark play” one is a biggie with slots fans at online casinos. Rumor is, night time is the right time for slots, because many online gambling fans will be sleeping after a long day at work if you play late in the evening. Also, the internet casino slots’ jackpots ought to be nice and hefty after a full day of taking bets. Ergo, the midnight owls are favored by fortune, most likely to land the big bucks. Is there any truth to this rumor?

In a word, no. Logically, if there was any credence to the claim that hitting an online casino slots jackpot were truly any more likely during one time of day than another, internet casino sites would surely see a massive influx of player activity, whether it was nine a.m. or three in the morning! Due to time zone differences, there are literally millions of online gambling fans at any given time relaxing in front of their computers, taking their chances. That’s on top of the fact that there is just no veracity to the claim that you are more likely to win a game of luck at any one time over another.



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