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Online Casino News - Past Online Casino Scandals: Neteller

Past Online Casino Scandals: Neteller

by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

October 24 2007

The latest in our series of online casino scandal stories is also the most recent. Which online gambling fan can claim ignorance of what happened this year with Neteller, the massive third-party payment firm? Scores of online casinos banked players’ accounts with Neteller, very much parallel to the way that PayPal takes online payments for eBay and other businesses. When the US government froze Neteller’s funds during an investigation, only those online gambling fans who were very speedy managed to rescue their money promptly. For other, less fortunate internet casino fans, it was the beginning of a very long wait.

For a while, there was considerable doubts over whether the online casinos’ fans who banked with Neteller would ever see their funds again. Internet casinos were powerless to resolve the issue, and Neteller was frustratingly uncommunicative, refusing to respond to players’ pleas for clarity and understanding. Luckily, all online casino players got their money by at least six months’ time, but the damage was already done. There were many complaints that Neteller was more invested in shielding its shareholders from fallout than taking care of the many, many trusting consumers who were holding their money with the firm.

There are those who say that Neteller should be held accountable for the arrogance that parted online casino players from their money for over half a year. The world of online casinos has been amazingly forgiving to those parties that have committed wrongs, Neteller being only the most recent. The firm has persevered despite their troubles, and remains linked to many internet casinos, holding many online gambling players’ funds.



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