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Online Casino News - Experts: Keno Isnít Your Best Bet

Experts: Keno Isnít Your Best Bet

by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

October 31, 2007

Itís hard to miss the appeal of Keno, the lucky-numbers game that is an all-time favorite at many online casinos. A quintessential game of chance, this internet casino game of Chinese origin is something like a cross between the lottery and Bingo. From a pool of one hundred numbers, players place bets and pick anywhere from one to several integers, hoping that their number(s) will, literally, come up. Keno dangles some of the largest winnings in online gambling in front of players, due to the outstanding odds of your ticket matching exactly with the numbers drawn. Unfortunately, some online casino experts say that Keno is one of the worst choices for betting your money, for exactly the same reasons that make it so irresistible.

The online casino betting experts at renowned internet casino site Online-Casinos.com have not fallen prey to Kenoís many charms. Jan Balsley Pedersen says that the figures donít lie Ė Keno is just not a great bet for online gambling fans looking to wager their money. Obviously, gambling in any form is inherently understood to hold a much greater risk for you losing your money than winning more. But Pedersen says that the numbers for Keno are just inarguably worse than others. For example, if you choose to pick three numbers, you have just a seventy-one-to-one shot at scoring with all three. In other words, you have an eighty-five percent chance of bombing out with either zero or no numbers matching.

Because Pedersen and his coworkers understand that Kenoís phenomenal popularity at online casinos is unlikely to be much diminished by pedantic squabbling about chance, they have unveiled a free Keno calculator for internet casino players to use in determining if a certain game of Keno is really a good bet for them.



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