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Online Casino News - German Online Casino Makes Cents

German Online Casino Makes Cents

by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

October 15, 2007

It’s easy for novices to the world of online casinos to feel justifiably daunted by the prospect of breaking into online gambling. After all, internet casino gameplay is an expensive prospect, right? If you want to play slots or craps or what-have-you in an online casino, then you’d better be ready to pony up some serious cash, true? After all, you need to risk big money to make big money… don’t you? A budding new German online casino wants to tell you that the answer to each of those questions is a resounding “no!”

Internet gambling group Carmen Media is reportedly thrilled with the early feedback on its brand-new 49c Jackpot City Online Casino. The internet casino is making headlines for its novel approach to online gambling – offering piles of fun and exciting games and big-shot payouts, for an extremely low risk. Less than two months ago, the site began courting thousand of eager German fans away from other online casinos with a deceptively simple and intoxicating premise: large jackpots in exchange for small bets, starting at just one Euro – or forty-nine cents American. Now you see where the name comes from!

Jackpot City offers more than thirty popular online casino game options, ranging from progressive jackpots to video poker and a selection of ubiquitous internet casino slots. Because of the low maximum wager threshold, 49JackpotCity.de may legally advertise in Germany – a coup amongst online casinos. Online gambling fans will find much to keep them occupied at the new site, which is becoming hotter by the day. Plus, online casino newbies need not feel so intimidated by their first wagers, given that the risk is so inherently low!



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