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Online Casino News - Free Poker for Prizes? It’s True!

Free Poker for Prizes? It’s True!

by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

October 5, 2007

Believe it or not, there is actually an online casino that is willing to offer you prizes for playing poker for free. It sounds like it defies all common sense, but it’s totally true! The Zero Risk Poker LLC internet casino group has decided that poker aficionados ought to have the same chance to win real cash as those players at online casinos being charged for the privilege. Long has it been the case that the only way to win money with internet gambling was to open your wallet and place a few bets – sometimes, quite handsomely. Imagine winning prizes playing poker, without any financial risk on your part! It’s a radical concept, but thanks to the contributions of some eager sponsors, it’s about to become a reality.

Zero Risk’s President and CEO, Adam Majewski, is pretty darn excited about the venture. "We're taking the free online poker concept and turning it on its head," commented Majewski enthusiastically. Texas Hold ‘Em players at the Zero Risk online casinos will no longer be held to the ages-old prospect that playing for “free means playing for nothing.” Making it so that internet casino poker is no longer a risky proposition is a ground-breaker, Majewski acknowledges, but one that Zero Risk feels that they are ready to take on… and more over, profit from.

Sponsors looking to expand their markets have proven eager to attach to the new online gambling venture, by advertising on tables, sponsoring tournaments, and through other forms of advertising. Other online casinos only offer prizes to non-paying players promotionally, as a way to woo them other to “real money” affiliate sites. Majewski insists that is not Zero Risk’s aim.

Thanks to the online casino’s generous sponsoring partnerships, Zero Risk Poker players can be assured that their internet casino poker experience will remain totally free. The online gambling site currently has over forty-seven sponsors, offering over twenty-five grand a month in prizes – a number that is only expected to rise. In the world of online casinos, that’s a rare “safe bet!”



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