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Online Casino News - Poker Scandal at Absolute

Poker Scandal at Absolute

by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

October 24 2007

Absolute Poker is a popular and thriving online casino with a strong reputation and plenty of loyal subscribers. A major scandal at the internet casino is threatening all that, however. News broke late last week that a so-called “internal” breach of the online casino’s software system had possibly robbed players of their money. The online gambling world was stunned by news of the incident at Absolute, which may have been perpetuated by a company employee.

One or more persons who would have had to be “intimately familiar” with Absolute’s internal workings (according to company execs) seem to have exploited their knowledge of the online casino’s mainframe to exploit players. Accusations were made that someone was able to see whole cards of any of the internet casino’s other players at any given time, obviously giving them an unfair advantage and ample opportunity to cheat at the poker game and defraud the online gambling fans. Absolute is struggling to patch up the damage created by the incident, not the least of which has been to its reputation. Any type of fraud is anathema in the world of online casinos, for just this reason.

An Absolute Online Casino spokesperson told press that the players affected by the incident have already been paid in full. Meanwhile, the internet casino is in hot pursuit of the vandals who caused the whole mess, and welcomes any tips that might lead them to the culprits. A statement released by Absolute affirmed the company’s efforts to ensure that nothing similar happens ever again, and their commitment to demonstrating to the world of online casinos that they are trustworthy and conscientious.



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