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Online Casino News - November, 2009

Treasure Nile Paying Out at Microgaming Online Casinos


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by Margaret Oliveira, News Staff Writer

November 22, 2009

It's pretty well known news that the Microgaming network of progressive online casino jackpots consistently pays out some of the largest winning jackpots on the internet. In fact, it could be argued that Microgaming holds the world record for the largest jackpot ever awarded to a single player to date. Other jackpot networks will claim the same, but there is no denying that Microgaming is the largest.

Truth be told, Microgaming online casinos - now numbering over 120 - have paid out over $280 million in progressive jackpots to date, and are responsible for creating fourteen online gambling millionaires since the network was launched in the late nineties. Back when Microgaming had its doors open to U.S. citizens (pre UIGEA, 2005), you could say the Microgaming jackpot network was "off the chain".

Other than Cryptologic and Playtech, no other progressive jackpot network came close to the figures being generated by Microgaming online casinos. These days, with Vegas Technology, Real Time Gaming and a budding Rival Gaming software taking the bulk of all U.S. traffic, and consequently producing million-plus progressive jackpots of their own, one can only help but to wonder just how large the Microgaming network would be if it had stayed in the U.S. market. But then again, one would also have to wonder just how much money the U.S. government would be able to blackmail from Microgaming if they kept their doors open to U.S. players.

Regardless, Microgaming has managed to keep it's jackpot numbers in the millions by focusing on the European and UK markets. At the time of this publication, Microgaming's cumulative jackpots were worth over $2.5 million - with a recent string of big winners, no less. While there are several different progressive casino games to choose from, it's been the "Treasure Nile" video slot that has been making the most headlines of late. Just in the last five months, thirteen different players have won varying progressive jackpots totaling over half-a-million in winnings. The largest of the jackpots was hit just one day ago, paying out over $149,000 on a $4.50 wager. Prior to this, the largest Treasure Nile win in the last five months was for $117,000 thousand, while the remaining wins averaged $57,000 each.

Currently, "Treasure Nile" is the second largest Microgaming jackpot, worth just shy of $100,000. The largest of the bunch is the video slot "Mega Moolah", having racked up a combined $1.125 million. See the the OCS reviews of the Best Microgaming Casinos for more information.



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