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Online Casino News - October, 2009

Dual Thanksgiving Online Casino Slots Tournaments


  Seed Newsvine

by Margaret Oliveira, News Staff Writer

November 12, 2009

Once again, you would think that the EHGV group of online casinos powered by Vegas Technology Software were one and the same as the Hambledon NV group, which owns Golden Casino, Go Casino, Online Vegas and the newly introduced Crazy Slots Casino. The reason for the treason is that both groups are offering massive Thanksgiving slots tournaments. However, this is actually more like treason for the season, because on closer look, you will see that these tournaments are uniquely different, despite the fact they both are guaranteeing thousand of dollars in jackpot winnings. Oh boo hoo hoo.

Now, if I had to pick just one slot tournament over the other, I would have to say that the Crazy Slots, Golden, Go Casino, Online Vegas tournament was more appealing. Not by much, mind you, but if you look at the numbers, it becomes apparent why this tournament is a winner.

First of all, it's a free roll slot tournament, which means there is no entry fee to participate. Secondly, the guaranteed jackpot is worth $150,000, which is $50,000 greater than what the EHGV group is offering. Besides, EHGV is charging a $10 entry free for their slots tournament. And not that that's a bad thing by any means, it's just that a nill entry fee and and extra $50,000 bucks in the mix is my kind of thing. The only other factor worth considering would be the fact that the Online Vegas group is charging a $19.99 rebuy fee with a 125 stake minimum on tournament play.

Not sure about you, but a $20 rebuy might be a little steep for my blood (I still need to think about it). I wonder what EHGV has going on in that department, for there is no mention of a rebuy or any additional fees on their tournament page.

Apparently, EHGV group offer has indeed been popular thus far with online gamblers - 20,000 to be exact. Indeed, that is the number of players already signed up for the tournament. The competition kicks off tomorrow, Friday the 13th (couldn't they have save that for the Halloween tournament) at 11 am EST, and will take place until Thursday, November 26, 2009, 10 pm Eastern Standard Time.

The top 500 finishers will all receive cash prizes, with first place getting $40,000 and the first runner up nabbing a sweet $12,000. The minimum cash award will be worth $30. All slots action will take place on the popular bonus video slot, 5 Reel Wheel of Chance.



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