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Online Casino News - November, 2008

UK Gambling Commission Appoints New Senior Staff



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by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

November 1, 2008

Following the recent announcement by Malta's Lotteries and Gaming Authority CEO, Mario Galea, that he will be stepping down from his post, the UK Gambling Commission has announced some management position changes of their own. The Commission's Chief Executive, Jenny Williams, made the announcement to press this week, detailing all the changes currently underway, none of which reflect an ailing commission in need of new management.

Rather, the changes appear to come in light of the fact that the UK Gambling Commission is now up-and-running and focusing more on daily affairs than in setting up regulatory framework as part of the 2005 UK Gambling Act. Beryl Brown, who has left his post at Director of Policy and Communications, said that after serving over two years in helping set up the commission, she is ready to move onto other things. Miss Williams publicly thanked Beryl for her contributions in shaping the Commission, and wished her well in her future endeavors.

Another big change inside the UK Gambling Commission is the appointment of a new post altogether - Strategy, Research and Analysis Directorate. Formerly the Deputy Director of Programmes at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (which oversees the Commission), Mathew Hill will be taking up the lead of the new post, and will be working closely with the new Director of Regulation - Nick Tofiluk (currently the Director of Operations).

Other new appointments rounding out the senior staff at the UK Gambling Commission include a new Director of People and Organisational Development (Justine Kenny) and Director of Corporate Affairs (Julia Mackasack). The Commission will continue with is duties regulating online casinos and internet betting sites, thus far proving to be extremely efficient in this capacity.



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