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Online Casino News - November, 2008

Ukash Offers Online Gambling Payments in Spain



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by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

November 3, 2008

International payment service, Ukash, has announced it will be offering cash vouchers in Spain, which is becoming one of the hottest European markets in the online gambling sector. Having signed an agreement with the telecommunications firm, Telefonica, Ukash will will soon be available at 70,000 telephone kiosks equipped to accept bills and coins for issuing emails/SMS text messages to customers who can then use the funds for online goods and services.

Having upgraded their kiosks to offer point of sale services back in 2004, Telefonica has been seeking out new services and features, such as Ukash, which many Spaniards do not typically have access to. Considering the fact that Telefonica's kiosks have penetrated into rural areas of Spain as well as an extremely high mobile penetration percentage, getting the word out about Ukash is all it will take to get more people in Spain using the service.

One way in which Ukash plans to do this is via an advertising campaign specifically in regards to the social networking website, Habbo, which has agreed to accept 5 and 10 Ukash vouchers made at Telefonica kiosks. And of course, the other way to drive business is to get the word out to the online gambling community in Spain. Ukash derives a large portion of its business from online gamblers (non U.S. gamblers that is), and as mentioned, traffic at online casinos and betting sites accepting wagers from Spanish citizens is nothing to scoff at.

Ukash, which is the trading name for the London-based Smart Voucher Ltd. is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK. They have been in business since 2001, and beside the new addition of Spain, offers its services in the UK, Ireland and Germany (with more countries to come very soon). To use the service, customers simply deposit money at an approved kiosk or store accepting PayPoint, payzone or e-pay, and use the 19-digit voucher to redeem the funds for online purchases at destinations accepting Ukash. Kiosks like Telefonica, are capable of sending emails with SMS text messages, so that mobile users can access funds without needing a paper voucher whatsoever.



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