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Online Casino News - Your Best Strategies: Slots (Part 2 of 3)

Introduction to Online Slots  (Part 2 of 3)

by Devon Chappell, News Staff Writer

November 15, 2007

Imagine the frustration of hitting a hot streak at your internet casino of choice, the breathless moment when the reels fall perfectly into the winning combination… and then realizing you only bid the minimum coins on the paylines. Catastrophe! All of a sudden, instead of banking online casino millions and getting your name...err, your first name and surname initial, reverentially passed around the online gambling community as a real “high roller,” you’re stuck with a few measly bucks. All in all, it’s a fate you want to avoid!

Remember, you must play the maximum paylines and coins at online casino slots to collect the full amount on a winning progressive jackpot combination. If you haven’t paid for all the reels, and you happen to hit upon a combination that could net you big bucks, you will not be eligible for the max jackpot. It sounds like tough luck, but that’s what passes for “life” in the world of internet casinos and online gambling!

If you choose to play a video poker slot title at an online casino, then we have an additional pointer for you: go for the highest hand possible. Are you noticing a trend in our advice here? In online gambling, those that take the biggest risks often reap the richest rewards. Such is also the case with internet casino poker titles.

Say that you are playing a hand at your favorite online casino, and you come up with an impressive pair. This isn’t good enough – a pair simply will not win you the big jackpot. You should break up that pair, and aim for the coveted Royal Flush. Granted, you may lose money over time with this strategy, but you will also keep yourself in the running for the big win, which will make up for all those prior losses.

Continue to part 3 here.



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