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Online Casino News - Your Best Strategies: Blackjack (Part 3 of 3)

Introduction to Online Blackjack (Part 3 of 3)

by Edward Rogers, News Staff Writer

November 15, 2007

If you're visiting a new online casino for the first time, you may well have been attracted to their welcome bonus. Many online casinos offer generous and inviting bonuses to first-time depositing players as a way of courting new blood (sounds ominous, I know). If you're an internet casino Blackjack player, however, consider yourself duly warned: Many online gambling sites will not let you apply your bonus funds to Blackjack or others strategic games.

If you primarily or exclusively play Online Blackjack, it really will not benefit you to deposit money with such a casino, as there is a world of competition in the online gambling business. The ball is truly in your court. In other words, look for a site that will allow you to take advantage of any applicable bonuses for your game of choice, which in this case is Blackjack. One of the best in our opinion is Rushmore Casino, who offers a Blackjack Bonus called the "Double Down" bonus of 200% up to $1,000 Free. With only a 45x play-through on all hands of blackjack, this is the best blackjack bonus we've come across.

Once you have found the online casino of your dreams and brushed up on your Blackjack tips and tricks, there is only one thing for the savvy online gambling player to do: Practice, Practice, Practice! As I stated earlier, skill is just as essential to success at online casino blackjack as is luck. Luckily, you won't need a deadpan “poker face” to place Blackjack at an internet casino with only your computer screen looking back at you.

When turning your attention to practice, we advise you to look for free (no pay, no prize) Blackjack games at any of the numbers online casinos offering play-for-fun accounts. These risk-free games are great for novice players, as well as anybody who wants to hone their skills.

Also, never underestimate the old-fashioned pleasure of playing Blackjack at home with your friends and family. “Real life” card play is good practice for online casino gambling as well, not to mention fun and stress-relieving.



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