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Online Casino News - May, 2009

Online Players to Attend World Series of Gin Rummy


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by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

May 9, 2009

If there is any card game that comes close to the stakes and jackpots befitting poker tournaments, it is the skill-based game of Rummy. Case in point are the tournaments being held at the Web's top rummy tournament destination - Rummy Royal. Another great example of just how "big" Rummy has become is the World Series of Gin Rummy. It's no coincidence this title is similar to the mega-poker tournament World Series of Poker (WSOP), for the World Series of Gin Rummy has definitely reached proportions similar to WSOP.

It may come as a surprise, but the World Series of Gin Rummy has actually been taking place in Las Vegas for the last twenty years. In similar fashion to the "fueling" that has taken place between online poker rooms and large brick 'n mortar tournaments like the aforementioned WSOP, the World Series of Gin Rummy and Rummy Royal have found a good partnership in one another.

Helping to bridge the online and brick 'n mortar rummy sectors, Rummy Royal will be sending two of their online players to compete in the World Series of Gin Rummy to represent Rummy Royal, and hopefully, to take home their fair share of winnings. Hosting online satellite tournaments in March and April, Rummy Royal awarded two winners - screen name "Vadym" and screen name "Asher" - with not only two seats to the World Series of Gin Rummy, but also two all-inclusive round trip accommodations to Las Vegas. Considering the buy-ins for these tournaments was only $33, that's a pretty nice payoff.

As for the World Series of Gin Rummy, it is scheduled for May 17-20 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The next stop on the tour will also be at Orleans Casino, and will take place November 15-18, 2009. There's a great chance Rummy Royale will be giving away more seats, so be on the lookout during September and October.

Fore more information on Rummy Royal card room, read the OCS Rummy Royal Review or visit Rummy Royal today.



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