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Online Casino News - May, 2009

Vegas Technology Casinos Dominating Slots Tournaments


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by Mira Patel, News Staff Writer

May 7, 2009

Instead of "May Flowers", perhaps the month of May should now be referred to as "May Slots". While that's probably not going to fly for everybody, if you enjoy gambling at online casinos, and for that matter, participating in online slots tournaments, May 2009 has been the best month for slots this year. In a recent news articles here at OCS, another slots tournament aptly called the "May Flowers $150,000 freeroll", was highlighted. Made possible by the popular U.S. facing betting destinations, Online Vegas Casino and Go Casino, "May Flowers" has attracted over 26,000 players and will be taking place until May 19.

In similar fashion, another popular network of U.S. facing online casinos - the English Harbour New Ventures group - is hosting a $100,000 prize poll slots tournament called "Cash Adventures". Already underway at VIP Slots Casino, the tournament runs until May 31, culminating with a top prize award of $25,000 going to the lucky player who racks in the most points playing Vegas Technology Software's popular Cash Adventures slot machine.

According to the prize structure, second prize will take home $10,000, third place will pocket $5,000, fourth place will nab $1,000, the fifth runner-up will receive $500, while the next fifty finishers will get $100, followed by $50 for the next 200 players who make the boards and extending down to 700 more players, who will get $25 each. In terms of slot tournament prize structures, this is one of the best we've seen. All in all, nearly 1,000 players will walk away with money from this slots tournament.

There are currently over 37,000 players registered for the tournament. Amazingly, the number could very well exceed the 50,000 mark before all is said and done. Even though the tournament is already underway, registration is still open. Just like in any slots tournament, the more you wager, the greater the odds of winning. The key to success is taking advantage of the $10 rebuys. Since this is a free roll, there is no fee to enter. All players start off with a $100 balance, which can be upped to $350 with a low $10 rebuy.

All in all, there is over $250,000 in prize money available between two tournaments at Vegas Technology Casinos. And that's not counting the myriad of daily freerolls, multi-thousand dollar weekend tournaments and more. Clearly, Vegas Technology is becoming the top place for online slots tournaments - even surpassing Microgaming Software. Likely due to Microgaming dropping out of the U.S. market, one thing is certain - Vegas Technology isn't complaining. And neither are U.S. players.



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