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Online Casino News - May, 2008

Senator Kyl Laments Online Gambling Regulations



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by Elizabeth Nguyen, News Staff Writer

May 1, 2008

Even the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act's main proponent, Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, is showing signs of doubt that the UIGEA may not ever make it to an enforceable state, albeit Kyl's remarks are more critical of others than toward his own inadequate piece of legislation. In a piece from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Kyl was quoted saying he is losing patience with the U.S. Treasury Department and Federal Reserve. As if that were to make these agencies shake in their skin, Kyl's statements are nothing short of hypocritical...as usual.

In order to get the full picture of Senator Kyl, well, we should really go all the way back to his campaign endorsements from the brick 'n mortar gambling industry. Called one of the most corrupt politicians in the U.S., Kyl underhandedly passed the UIGEA (which is supposed to be some kind of online gambling ban with carve outs for the horse racing and lottery industry) as a buried attachment to a Port Securities Bill back in 2006. Referred to as one of the stupidest laws ever passed, the UIGEA continues to reveal unsound provisions as it is brought more closer under the microscope.

Following a recent House Financial Services Committee Hearing, Congressman Barney Frank and Ron Paul introduced a bill designed to block the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department from implementing enforcement protocols, which at this point, don't appear to even be possible. Indeed, officials from both branches admitted the UIGEA poses serious problems for it does not even define what unlawful online gambling is. Furthermore, it imposes undue hardships on financial institutions not outfitted to enforce the regulations.

Another bill seeking to dismantle the UIGEA is Congressman Frank's Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act (IGREA). With nearly fifty co-sponsors, this bill could also spell trouble for Kyl, who at this point, says he is not concerned of any UIGEA anti-movement. Kyl's nagging is that the more delay there is in implementing his bill, the more people will be able to get away with online gambling. Unfortunately for Mr. Kyl, he doesn't seem to want to grasp that the UIGEA is going to be ineffective (even if enforcement is attempted) and that U.S. citizens are going to continue to gamble at online casinos regardless.



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